2K-Reality is an Amplified Reality installation designed to augment the enjoyment of playing and watching the cultural practice of pickup basketball. It blends sports videogames and real play spaces by immersing pickup basketball players and spectators in NBA-style soundscapes, created using sounds appropriated from the NBA 2K12 videogame. Spectators use an iPad-based sampler to activate broadcast-style commentary, stadium-style crowd sound effects and contemporary music break beats to amplify the everyday performative expressions, narrative identities and social interactions intrinsic to pickup basketball. The immersive effect provides an opportunity for pickup basketball players to perform on the ‘big stage’, a universal and motivating sports fantasy.

Sonar+D 2K-Reality Poster.jpg

• Research supported by Shih-Chien University, Department of Industrial Design.
• Selected for exhibition at ISEA2015, the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art in Vancouver Canada.
• Exhibited at Sonar+D 2017 MarketLab, Barcelona Spain.
• Paper to be Published; Ryan T. P. and Duckworth J. (2017) 2K-Reality: An acoustic sports entertainment augmentation for pickup basketball play spaces. In Proceedings of Audio Mostly 2017. ACM.
• Co-published Paper for Derivative Football Project; Strandby, M. W., Szatkowski, M. K., Petersen, J. L., Storebjerg, A., Dindler, C., & Ryan, T. P. (2016). URBAN FIFA: augmenting social sports with video game elements. In Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, ACM.