Tim Ryan

Tim is an urban interaction designer focused on the intersection of sport, art, design and technology in public space. A PhD Candidate at the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, Tim’s research informs his speculative designs for a near-future in which ubiquitous computing infrastructures reconfigure and augment recreational playspaces in dense urban environments.


PhD Research Project
2K-Reality: A Sports Entertainment Augmentation for Pickup Basketball Play Spaces

Short Abstract
2K-Reality is an acoustic sports entertainment augmentation designed to enhance the enjoyment of playing and watching the cultural practice of pickup basketball. It is a place-specific, tangible and social computing infrastructure artefact for basketball play spaces that welcomes the orchestration of acoustic amplified reality performances which immerse pickup basketball players and spectators in National Basketball Association (NBA) broadcast-style soundscapes.

2K-Reality amplifies the everyday performative expressions, narrative identities and social interactions present in the practice of pickup basketball with the cognitive, emotional and physiological effects of sounds appropriated from the NBA 2K12 videogame.

The design of 2K-Reality responds to: The concerns of parents who worry that videogames steal time from outdoor play; the call for research to consider how convergent technologies are blurring video gaming with sports; the research arguing for vigorous physical exercise in real play spaces to be supported by technology that inspires participation and creativity and appreciation from spectators; and the opportunities for gameful design to make meaningful contributions to the quality of life in cities.